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Download and convert videos from well-known sites like YouTube or Google Video (See all)

Advanced Video Downloader is a software program designed for those who wish to download and convert videos from well-known Internet video sites, like YouTube or Google Video. It allows you to download several videos simultaneously, reaching very good download speeds, so that you can get hold of your favorite videos without delay. Besides, the program is free.

With a simple, nice, and intuitive interface, Advanced Video Downloader makes the whole downloading task very easy. You will see a grid with the list of the videos you intend to download together with all their details, such as file name, size, progress, speed, status, and source URL, among others. Adding a new video to the list is quite easy, and the program provides a separate window for this purpose - thus, every time you copy a URL from YouTube or a similar site, it is automatically pasted into the URL field in the program's "New Download" window. Here you can also decide if the download should start immediately or not, the download priority, the target file name and its location, and whether to convert the file into any of the supported formats - 3GP, AVI, MPEG, or MP3 (audio extraction only).

The program also allows you to see not only the list of active downloads, but also the previously downloaded and completed video files. It also provides a specific window where you can convert already downloaded files into any of the formats mentioned above, just by selecting its name and target format and folder. Finally, in the "Settings" window you can tell the program to connect to a proxy server, its IP address and port, as well as specify a default path for the downloaded files and a priority.

Finally, it includes a built-in browser with shortcuts to some of the most popular sites, such as YouTube, Google, and Break Video. However - at least in my case - it did not seem to work. In spite of that, I would say that this is a helpful and practical tool that may be a great help for any person who needs to download and convert Internet videos quickly and easily.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Free
  • Nice and Intuitive interface
  • Allows you to download several files at once
  • Allows you to convert videos into several popular formats


  • Built-in browser seems to not work
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